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Kapu Planet

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Kapu Planet expands the world of classic Kapu Forest and reveals the secrets of the globe! Go explore the environments of different continents and all those amazing animals that live there!FEATURES
- 8 mini-toys and animals to play with (more to come!)- No time limits, no rules, always fun- Playful sounds and colorful animations- Lovable characters & original artwork- Kid-friendly interface- Intuitive and educational experience- No in-app sales or third party advertising!
In Kapu Planet there are no timers, no limits and no high scores. Your kids have complete control and can explore whichever toy they want to. They’ll never be stuck on a level and always have fun!
Kapu Fishing - Come fishing with Mr. Fox and catch the biggest whoppers in the lake! Catch funny fish and surprising sea-creatures, cruise with your motorboat, build lures, tickle and feed the fox friend and much more! Kapu Fishing is perfect for children 2-5+ years old.
Kapu Bloom Tunes - Let your kid paint the world with melodies! Kapu Bloom Tunes not only combines the two of the most awesome pastimes, creating music and painting, but it also teaches the small users the basics of how melodies and tunes are crafted in a fun and surprising way.
Kapu Blocks – the perfect digital toy for young craftsmen, whichfeeds children’s creativity and offers hours of fun. It teaches thechildren the basics of physics and the rules of gravity, but at the sametime providing a world full of surprises and possibilities to build thewildest creations.
Kapu Tickle Toy Camera – a super fun digital toy that activates and entertainskids with a surprising gameplay. Teaches children how to use themobile phone or a tablet camera safely and in a fun way and at the same time guarantees laughs for the kids and fun for the wholefamily.
Kapu Forest - Kapu Forest is a colorful and fun digital toy for kids aged 1-4+. Let them discover the forest and meet all the animals through one of more than 10 mini-toys available.
Kapu is the digital toy box filled with smiles for kids aged 1-6+. We believe in fun play and clever apps. We’re on a mission to create digital toys that spark the imagination, inspire families to play together and let kids learn along the way!